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Atom Earth offers a unique laboratory service utilising Portable X-Ray Flouresence (PXRF) instruments to provide accurate, cost effective and timely solutions. With this latest in non-destructive, environmentally friendly testing technology, we can provide comprehensive analysis and site specific management plans, including soil and plant nutrition, heavy metals toxicity, pathogen identification and water analysis.

Understanding the composition of your soil and the health of your growing environment can provide great benefits;

  • Identifying nutrient deficiencies and imbalances
  • Maximising growth and yields under particular conditions
  • Saving money by only purchasing inputs that will provide benefits
  • Reducing fertiliser leaching into groundwater and waterways
  • Identifying harmful toxins that can be taken up by your plants

Cost effective and accessible

Our Services

Atom Earth can perform on-site testing and also accept samples via post or delivery.
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Soil & Tissue TestingUnderstanding Nutrition.

Comprehensive soil and plant analysis with custom blended fertiiser recommendations.

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Water TestingQuality and soil moisture.

Test for heavy metals and excessive nutrients in your water sources.

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Pathogens & Toxins.Identification & Quantification.

In field identification of common patogens such as Phytophthora.

"If I know what’s in my soil, I just have to add what will help my plants grow better. I know what to use and how much to apply. This saves me money and I get better yeilds. I know what to buy and how much to use."

"Soil is a complex system of physical, chemical and biological components. Just like humans require a balanced diet with appropriate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and water, plants too require conditions of balanced nutrition. An excess of one nutrient can antagonise the uptake or function of others. The correct balance produces sustainable growth, reduces water use and the need for herbicides and pesticides and promotes microbial diversity."

"Combining soil testing with plant tissue testing provides a powerful means by which to determine plant uptake relationships and nutirent deficiencies."



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