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Atom Earth provides a unique consulting service utilising Portable X-Ray Flouresence (PXRF) instruments to provide accurate, cost effective and timely solutions.

Understanding the composition of your soil and the health of your growing environment can provide great benefits;

  • * Identifying nutrient deficiencies and imbalances
  • * Maximising growth and yields under particular conditions
  • * Saving money by only purchasing inputs that will provide benefits
  • * Reducing fertiliser leaching into groundwater and waterways
  • * Identifying harmful toxins that can be taken up by your plants

Whilst there are basic soil test kits available at retail outlets and online, they provide limited information and rarely offer meaningful solutions. Traditional lab testing, on the other hand, can be expensive, time consuming and, to the uninitiated poses the question..."WHICH TESTS DO I ASK FOR?" Lab results can be also be confusing and lead to more questions than solutions.

Atom Earth offers a different approach. With the latest in non-destructive, environmentally friendly testing technology, our qualified technicians can provide a comprehensive analysis and site specific management plans to optimise healthy, sustainable growth. Whether on a commercial scale or for an everyday gardener, our services are accessible and affordable.

What is pXRF

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a non-destructive technique...

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Precision agriculture. Understand every square inch of your soil.



Maximum output with minimal inputs. Efficient use of time and resources.


home gardens

Healthy, sustainable growth no matter what your soil type.



Evidence based fertilsing and tissue testing.

commercial growers

commercial growers

Provide your customers with confidence and quality assurance


government parks

Miminse the environmental impact of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides.



  • All
  • nutrients
  • toxins
  • pathogens
  • tissue
  • materials
  • water

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Introducing Portable X-Ray Flouresence (pXRF)

Traditionally, portable XRF has been associated with the mining/geological industries, but pXRF has now proven itself to be an oustanding method of analysis for a much broader range of applications from soils and tissue analysis in agriculture to toxic concentrations of heavy metals in pigments and dyes.

The pXRF capability to quantify or qualify elements from Magnesium to Uranium with minimal, non-destructive sample preparation makes it a very versitile tool for the needs of an increasingly aware consumer society. Atom Earth's trained technicians are available to serivce all areas and industries and even offer cost effective residential services.

Whether you're an Environmental Services Company looking to identify an issue on site, a commercial grower requiring soil analysis, home renovator concerned about toxins in building materials or an avid gardener wanting to understand more about the nutrient condition of your soil...we have the answers. read more...

The importance of Fertile Soil

One the flattest and driest inhabited continent on earth; one which is drought prone, subject to extremely variable weather patterns, and which has the world's oldest and least fertile soils...

we need to be scientific in our approach to soil management.

Understanding SOIL chemistry.

Understanding your soil chemistry and the basics of what your plants need and how they get it, is the most effecient method to improve your growing environment.

Applying the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time, in the right place can not only optimise growth but also save you money...and the environment. learn more...