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Atom Earth provide a unique consulting service utilising Portable XRF instruments to provide accurate, cost effective and timely analysis solutions.

Traditionally, portable XRF has been associated with the mining/geological industries, but pXRF has now proven itself to be an oustanding method of analysis for a much broader range of applications from soils and tissue analysis in agriculture to toxic concentrations of heavy metals in pigments and dyes.

The pXRF capability to quantify or qualify elements from Magnesium to Uranium with minimal, non-destructive sample preparation makes it a very versitile tool for the needs of an increasingly aware consumer society.

Atom Earth's trained technicians are available to serivce all areas and industries and even offer cost effective residential services.

Whether you're an Environmental Services Company looking to identify an issue on site, a commercial grower requiring soil analysis, home renovator concerned about toxins in building materials or an avid gardener wanting to understand more about the nutrient condition of your soil...we have the answers.

Providing evidence based, site specific solutions to improve the overall health and vitality of our environment for a sustainable future.
Human beings have for singular purposes, applied chemical compounds to our environment, introduced and relocated organisms, without consideration to their impact upon the functionality of the ecosystem in which they exist.
Living sustainably involves recognising the permeability of these boundaries.
To do this in an eco-literate manner we must recognise inter-dependences and feedback processes between systems and between the components that maintain a system’s integrity.
Using ecological thinking; thinking about our ecos (Greek for ‘home’) and what it is that sustains it. 
The corporate and political world have taken the term ecos and applied it to human activities such as “industrial ecology” or “landscape ecology”. We sometimes forget that human ecosystems are dependent for their existence on natural ecosystems.
Natural ecosystems have aspirations and expectations of their own. We must find ways to interact with our ecosystems, while ensuring we respect the integrity of these systems.
Human health and living sustainably involves recognising and respecting a wide range of human and non-human priorities.

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