How to Take a Good Soil Sample

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  1. Follow the steps to collect your sample
  2. Prepare your samples for postage
  3. Fill in and submit the form below
  4. You will recieve confirmation of your order and an invoice
  5. When we recieve your samples we'll let you know
  6. Make payment of your invoice
  7. We will test your soil and prepare your analysis and recommendations
A good soil sample will give the most accurate results.
Step 1 Visually divide the areas you would like tested into large sections
Step 2 Take a sample every few metres, zig-zagging across each section.
Step 3 Take samples to a depth of approx 10cm
Step 4 Place all samples from one area into a bucket and mix well.
Step 5 Fill a sealable bag with soil from the bucket mix.
Step 6 Clearly label the bag with a name that you will identify .
Step 7 Repeat steps 2 to 6 for each of the areas you would like tested.

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